Second Business in West Palm Beach Plaza Reports Being Victimized by Check Washing


Another West Palm Beach business has come forward as a victim of check washing.

It’s the second business in the last month to report the issue. The first business is a doctor’s office located in a strip mall along Village Boulevard and 45th Street. The second one is an engineering firm right across the street.

The president of that engineering firm, Rob Rennebaum, of Simons & White, said he caught the thieves on surveillance video over the weekend and filed a report with USPS.

Video showed to us from camouflaged Nest cameras in nearby trees shows two separate thieves in two separate cars, coming at separate times over the weekend, appearing to have master keys to the mailbox for business in that strip mall.

Rennebaum, president at Simons & White, said since late October, checks in envelopes being mailed out have been removed, with total cash amounts and names changed.


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