Only American Citizens Should be Permitted to Vote

Many different opinions have emerged about election fraud in America. But, for this post, let’s set aside the extent of voter fraud in our elections. Instead, let us concentrate on the vigorous attempts by radical leftists (such as the La Raza group and other outfits supported by George Soros) to corruptly influence election outcomes by enabling ineligible non-citizens to vote.

Last week, President Biden publicly stated he will allow 30,000 immigrants per month, mostly from Haiti and Nicaragua, to enter the United States for two years. That’s 720,000 migrants. Federal law only allows such migrants to enter the U.S. on a “case-by-case analysis” and not as a class, states Thomas Homan, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement director in 2017-18. This means each immigrant’s case must be individually treated. But there is no plan to investigate the individual circumstances of each of these migrants, and they’re not enough ICE border agents to interview 30,000 migrants every month anyway. This means if Biden issues a blanket class approval, he would be violating federal law by allowing such migrants to enter the U.S., And Biden doesn’t have the authority to change immigration law without Congressional approval.


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