Warriors Choice Foundation Matches Highly Trained Canines with Combat Veterans

Anthony Longo, Founder and CEO of Warriors Choice Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, never wanted the mission to be about him. The Schenectady, New York native came from humble beginnings before joining the Marine Corps in 2004 and serving two combat deployments in Fallujah, Iraq, through 2008 as a radio operator for the 2nd Battalion 6th Marine Echo Company.

After his honorable discharge, Anthony relocated to Florida to pursue a career in fire rescue as a firefighter paramedic. He was the leader of his Fire Academy class in Coral Springs, but in his words, “I was itching to do something a bit different.” A connection with a friend in Miami led to an offer of a gig as a contractor medic, an opportunity Anthony enthusiastically accepted. He then obtained his National Registry Paramedic license, enabling him to deploy to Afghanistan from 2012 through 2017, where he worked under the State Department with a private company, providing diplomatic security.

“I met some really cool people,” Anthony recalls. “Because I spent so much time overseas, only coming home for about fifteen days per year, I traveled Europe and did most of the things I wanted to do.” However, within that time period, he noticed a troubling development. “I started seeing many people committing suicide.


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