Priced Out of Paradise: Housing Crisis Spares No One — Renters, Buyers, Owners

WPTV launches series to explore skyrocketing costs of shelter in Palm Beach County, Treasure Coast

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Food, water, air, clothing, sleep and shelter.

These are the essential needs that psychologists say must be met for human survival. Yet, shelter — something woven into the mythos of the American dream — has never been more elusive.

There is a housing crisis in America and South Florida, as often is the case, is a microcosm for all that has gone sideways during the COVID-19 era.

It doesn’t matter if you are a home buyer or a seller or just somebody trying to keep the home they currently own. And there are new concerns on the condominium front since the collapse of a high-rise in Surfside last summer.

The residents impacted the most are those who can least afford it: the renters. Monthly rent has gone up by hundreds of dollars a month, forcing some to move or take on roommates. Some have been forced to live out of their cars or couch hop.


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