Possible Rail Worker Strike Sparks Supply Concerns for Palm Beach County Businesses

‘It’s the next potential nightmare,’ classic car owner says

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — A dispute on wages and contracts among the railroad industry, could leave workers and freight deliveries on hold.

“It’s the next potential nightmare and we watch it, we follow the stories and we hope for the best,” said John Giasullo, owner of Classic Cars of Palm Beach.

Giasullo said the last few years has been a rollercoaster in the supply chain, and a rail strike could once again hit the breaks on inventory.

“If I don’t have inventory, the guys can’t sell cars, they can’t eat,” said Giasullo. “We have families that kind of depend on us, so for us too, it’s not out of necessity.”

He said he has customers nationwide and relies on trucks to ship cars to customers.

“For out-of-state I really need trucking, and that’s why if there is a rail strike and all those people move to trucks, they’re going to go to the big players and the little guys like us are going to get hurt for sure,” said Giasullo.


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