Lobbying compensation: Ballard Partners collected $19M at the state level last year

The firm holds the No. 2 spot among all Florida lobbying firms.

Ballard Partners pulled down $18.8 million in state-level lobbying pay last year, according to compensation reports filed with the state.

The firm founded by Brian Ballard represented 250 clients for all or part of last year. The extensive client sheet resulted in more than $11 million in payments for legislative lobbying services and another $7.8 million for executive branch lobbying.

Florida Politics estimates lobbying pay based on the middle number of the per-client ranges firms list on their compensation reports. Contracts are reported in $10,000 increments up to $50,000.

Firms also report quarterly earnings in broad ranges, though the highest range tops out at $1 million — well below the minimum earnings for Ballard Partners and other top-5 firms based on per-client calculations.


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