Jack Furnari: We Cannot Allow the Left to Destroy Palm Beach County

Launches Jolt Media Focusing on Palm Beach County

The remnants of the legacy corporate media in Palm Beach County will help hard-left progressives destroy the beautiful life we enjoy here if we let them—but we’re not going to let them. 

Whenever the Palm Beach Post or the Sun-Sentinel look up from their daily attacks on the best governor in the country, our very own Governor Ron DeSantis, it’s to parrot and affirm some absurd lie that local progressives are peddling.

Like “equity” isn’t just a “code word’ or, as they like to say, “dog-whistle” to their progressive allies for teaching CRT in our schools.  

I use “hard-left” and “progressive” and not Democrats for a reason. 

Drug addicts are not slumped over with needles in their arms on Worth Ave. as in San Francisco; there are no massive gun-battles between gangs as in Chicago, and our county isn’t on the verge of collapse like my hometown, New York City. 


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