IRS Says Your Tax Refund Could Be Smaller in 2023 – Here’s Why

Tax refunds could be smaller in 2023, IRS warns

Americans counting on a tax refund in 2023 should prepare for the likelihood of a smaller payment, according to the Internal Revenue Service

Taxpayers typically receive a refund if they had too much money withheld and overpaid their taxes the previous year. For many families, the money can be substantial: Nearly three-quarters of filers received a tax refund in 2022, with an average payment worth about $3,176 – up from about $2,800 in 2021. 

However, the IRS is now warning taxpayers to brace for a smaller refund next year because there were no stimulus payments delivered by the federal government in 2022. In 2021, the IRS delivered a third round of stimulus payments worth up to $1,400 per person. Eligible Americans could claim unpaid funds on their tax return.

“Refunds may be smaller in 2023,” the IRS said in a November news release about preparing for the upcoming tax season. “Taxpayers will not receive an additional stimulus payment with a 2023 tax refund because there were no economic impact payments for 2022.”


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