Gov. Desantis Gives $2m to Police, Firefighter Groups to Aid Officers Victimized by Hurricane Ian

‘I have so many officers who suffered great loss, where they no longer have their houses, but they still come.’

Four police and firefighter groups helping officers and members affected by Hurricane Ian recover from the storm will receive $2 million from the Florida Disaster Fund to aid those efforts, Gov. Ron DeSantis said.

The Florida Sheriff’s Association, the Florida Fraternal Order of Police, the Florida Police Benevolent Association and the Florida Professional Firefighters will each receive $500,000 from the fund, the state’s private charitable organization.

DeSantis has touted it as a way for the state to work with other nonprofits to help victims of Ian, since state and federal efforts can sometimes get tied up in red tape. Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis has led efforts to raise money for the disaster fund, which is administered by Volunteer Florida, and has brought in $45 million.


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