Florida, national average gas prices continue to hit record highs

The average price of gas per gallon in Florida and across the country continues to hit record highs Monday.

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In Florida, the average for a gallon of gas is $4.50, according to AAA. It rose less than one cent overnight and is higher than the national average.

The national average is at $4.48 per gallon. This is up one cent overnight.

The increase is primarily because of the high cost of crude oil and increasing demand.

Florida isn’t one of the top 10 states for the most expensive gas or with the largest weekly increase, according to AAA. California has the highest average price per gallon of regular gas at $5.98 and Kansas has the lowest at $3.99.

Palm Beach County has the highest average gas price for unleaded gas in Florida at $4.64. The West Palm Beach-Boca Raton is the highest metro area in the state with an average of $4.64.


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