Florida Chamber unveils trade and logistics blueprint to growing Florida’s economy by 2030

As global supply chains and trade flows continue to rapidly change in a post-pandemic setting, Florida is poised to lead the way in manufacturing, logistics and trade growth, according to a new report from the Florida Chamber Foundation.

The business advocacy group unveiled the Florida Trade & Logistics 2030 Study during Thursday’s Florida Transportation, Growth and Infrastructure Solution Summit in Jacksonville. In the report, the Florida Chamber noted that the Sunshine State continues to move the needle in terms of economic growth, adding that the state has the available capacity to move and make more goods throughout the economy. The Florida Chamber highlighted that globally competitive trade, logistics, and manufacturing sectors will diversify Florida’s economy and bring new jobs, income and investment to the state to help meet the nearly four million new residents expected to call Florida home in 2030.

The study also forecasted that the state can propel its economy — which is equivalent to Mexico as the 15h largest economy in the world — to one of the top 10 worldwide by the year 2030.

“Purposely expanding manufacturing, logistics, trade, and rural economic growth aligns with Governor DeSantis’ continued leadership in this space and will help grow Florida to the 10th largest global economy by 2030,” said Florida Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Mark Wilson. “We have a generational opportunity to get this right.”


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