Business relationships: Tips to strengthen them and grow your company

ANOTHER RECORD YEAR FOR entrepreneurship could be in store for 2022. But how many these new business owners end up succeeding will depend on more than the quality of the products and services they offer.

“Creating and nurturing customer relationships allow businesses to offer a more personalized and enticing customer experience, which produces buyer loyalty that is vital to a company’s long-term success,” says James Webb, a successful entrepreneur in the medical and fitness sectors and author of “A Country Boy’s Journey To Prosperity.”

Relationships are the greatest asset an entrepreneur has,” he says. “To retain customers, it requires a process that turns every touchpoint with a customer into an opportunity for communication, trust and mutual growth.”

But Mr. Webb emphasizes that an entrepreneur’s success is also highly contingent upon the strength of other business relationships as well.

“Good relationships with employees bring new meaning to work, strong productivity, and new ideas that carry the business forward,” Mr. Webb says. “Relationships with financial partners allow you to take risks. Mentors and colleagues can help you view strategy and processes through a different lens.


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