About Us

BIZPAC has been a political force in Palm Beach County since 1992.

BIZPAC maintains a reputation of being a business group with access and clout, one that successfully influences county elections, and one to which the candidates turn first for assistance.

Throughout the years, other business groups in Palm Beach County have turned to BIZPAC to work as a united coalition for the business community. They look to BIZPAC to take the lead in providing information and guidance on issues that affect them.

This election year, our members and allies will contribute in excess of $300,000 to our endorsed candidates. As we move forward, it is incumbent upon us to hold these elected officials accountable and to keep our county, and state, moving in the right direction.

BIZPAC will continue to be effective if we have members who are committed to better government in Palm Beach County and who are willing to put funds and time at the committee's disposal to make this happen. 

Business Political Action Committee of Palm Beach County

 BIZPAC...The voice of business in the political arena.


BIZPAC...Representing the interests of the business and professional community with elected officials. 


BIZPAC...A force for uniting the business community for concerted action


BIZPAC...encourages ethical campaign standards within political parties and is dedicated to improving the quality and caliber of elected officials.


BIZPAC...is nonpartisan. It does not seek to support one political party over another. It seeks out business-friendly candidates who appreciate the role of business and who are willing to bring sound business and management principals to the governing process.




•  We are dedicated to improving the quality and caliber of elected officials.

•  We value elected and appointed officials who are willing to commit to public financial integrity (i.e., voting for balanced budgets, avoiding programs whose financial projections are not actuarially sound and whose costs are not firmly projected in advance, avoiding debt financing that imposes heavy future financial obligations, etc.)

•  We prefer elected and appointed officials who appreciate the role of business and the value of the private enterprise system in our community.

•  We believe that elected officials must be willing to promote sound business and management principles within the public agency on which they serve. 

•  We believe that officials should have the ability and willingness to exercise leadership on the public body on which they serve. We prefer officials who are not content to merely serve, but who possess the skills to lead wisely and without arrogance.