A retired nurse lost $43,000 to bitcoin — watch out for red flags online

The New York woman didn’t lose the money from poor investments, but rather a scam

A New York retired nurse lost $43,000 of her life savings to bitcoin scammers, after transferring the money to them through a malicious computer pop-up – an unfortunate reminder to be vigilant when it comes to your money. 

Retirement Tip of the Week: Be careful of what sites you trust, and if a pop-up or email looks fraudulent or concerning, have it checked – don’t immediately hand over your savings. 

The woman, who was using her work computer, said she was told to send the money through wire transfer and “bitcoin ATM,” which converts dollars to cryptocurrency, The New York Post reported. The ad pop-up stated she had to move her money to a new location so that her computer would not be locked and her money stolen. Bitcoin ATM transactions can’t be reversed, Todd Maher, president of the financial crimes consulting firm BitSource AML Solutions, told ABC affiliate WKBW


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