State Senator                  

Dist. 25 - Joe Negron, REP

Dist. 30 - Bobby Powell Jr., DEM


State Representative                   

Dist. 82 - MaryLynn Magar, REP


County Commissioner                

Dist. 1 - Hal R. Valeche, REP

Dist. 5 - Mary Lou Berger, DEM

Dist. 3 - David Michael Kerner, DEM


School Board 

Dist. 1 - Tom Sutterfield, NPA



Congratulations to these Endorsed Candidates who won their Primary Election race:    

State Rep. Dist. 29 - Kevin Rader, DEM
State Rep. Dist. 87 - David Silvers, DEM
State Rep. Dist. 88 - Al Jacquet, DEM

Circuit Court Judge, Grp. 1 - Dina Keever, NPA

Sheriff - Ric Bradshaw, NPA

County Comm. Dist. 7 - Mack Bernard, DEM



Congratulations to these Endorsed Candidates who won their seat without opposition:                

State Rep., Dist. 81 - Joe Abruzzo, DEM

State Rep., Dist. 89 - Bill Hager, REP

State Attorney - Dave Aronberg, DEM

Circuit Court Judge, Grp. 3 - Laura Johnson, NPA

Clerk of the Circuit Court - Sharon R. Bock, DEM

School Board, Dist. 2 - Charles Elmer Shaw, NPA

Port of Palm Bch Grp 1 - Wayne M. Richards, DEM



April 21, 2016 

WEST PALM BEACH – The Board of Trustees of the Business Political Action Committee of Palm Beach County (BIZPAC) voted by an overwhelming majority Wednesday to oppose a proposed countywide sales tax referendum.

BIZPAC opposes the broad scope of projects, beyond those currently needed, slated for funding in the sales tax hike, along with the length of time the added penny will be paid throughout the county. Particularly troubling was funding for local cultural projects that were already planned to occur with private funds, prior to the extra tax initiative.

“The county government has strayed too far from what it truly needs,” BIZPAC chairman John R. Smith said. “The belief of most BIZPAC Trustees is that the amount of money proposed to be collected, about $1.4 billion, is too large and the proposed expenditures list has too many ‘wants’ rather than ‘needs.’ There’s no need to increase the sales tax.

“In short, the Trustees felt that in these uncertain economic times with the worst recovery from a recession in our modern history, this is not the time for a regressive sales tax increase.”

The business group understands the county's need for funding deferred capital improvements and repairs, but questions the method by which they are to be funded. They find it illogical that the county is asking for a multi-billion dollar sales tax increase even though it says it only needs $700 million dollars ($70 million a year for 10 years) for those items.

“In an economy where increases in real estate values are outpacing inflation, there should be a budget surplus from which these improvements could be funded without a need for a sales tax increase,” Trustee Robert Harvey said.

BIZPAC has been in existence since 1992 and is known as a strong political voice looking out for the best interests of business in the public arena. The group interviews and endorses political candidates, conducts political training classes and monitors the political actions and voting records of local elected officials. 

For more information, contact John R. Smith, Chairman, at 561-844-3988.

#  #  #


Election Dates

2016 Election Day Dates

A General Election is held in November of every even-numbered year. The Primary Election for nominating party nominees for the General Election is held 10 weeks before the General Election. Additionally, a Presidential Preference Primary Election is held in Presidential Election years. Special elections may be called at any time during the year. The election dates for 2016 are:       

  • General Election: November 8, 2016

Palm Beach County Candidates
Florida Candidates

2016 Absentee Ballot 'Send' Deadline

For domestic voters the deadline for election officials to send ballots is between 35 and 28 days (7-day window) before an election:

        General Election: October 4 – 11, 2016

2016 Early Voting Period

The early voting period consists of a minimum mandatory period of 8 days. It starts on the 10th day and ends on the 3rd day before Election Day:

        General Election: October 29 – November 5, 2016

In addition, each county Supervisor of Elections may at his or her own discretion offer additional days of early voting on any or all days during the 15th through 11th day and the last Sunday before Election Day.

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